BS.Player 2.73

Watch films, show episodes and other videos on a computer rather than on a television

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    Windows 8 / Windows ME / Windows 7 / Windows 10 / Windows 2000 / Windows Vista / Windows 10

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BS.Player 2.73
BS.Player Free 2.67.1076

BS.Player is a video player app that makes it easy to take advantage of your computer as a source of entertainment. It can play all your favorite TV shows, movies, and other content on your PC.

If you're trying to watch video content on your PC, BS.Player is an ideal option for playback. It has a ton of features to help make the experience as pleasant as possible, and it supports just about all the most notable formats of audio and video.

The user interface for BS.Player is fairly basic, and it's not particularly nice to look at either. Fortunately, the skin of the player can be changed for another of your choosing. When you install BS.Player, it will automatically search your system for audio or video codecs that you don't have, and it will download them immediately.

One unusual feature of BS.Player that most similar video player apps lack is the ability to produce subtitles. The software can also take stills of the movie being played so you can use them in other projects. If you want to create a system of organizing the video content, you can use the software to insert chapters and bookmarks. Since the app supports plug-ins, its functionality can be expanded even further. This puts it on par with other apps in the same family, like UMPlayer.

One of the most intuitive features of the software is the way you control playback. You can use either the mouse or your keyboard and the associated shortcuts. If you prefer to use the mouse, you can double-click to enter fullscreen mode, click once to stop or play the video, and spin the mouse wheel to change the sound level. It takes no time to get used to these controls since they feel so second-nature anyway.

You'd be astounded at the complete list of features and functions available in BS.Player. The software is incredibly stable and reliable, and the functionality is relatively intuitive, at least for the basic functions. The software lacks any help documents or instructions of any sort beyond an insufficient FAQ page on the website for the software. Of course, the player is essentially fully operational without any advanced knowledge, so documentation might not be necessary. Then again, having something to help get you past an unusual issue probably isn't a bad idea.

Even if you already have another media player app on your PC, it couldn't hurt to try BS.Player. The app is small, yet it offers the ability to play back a number of file types that other mainstream players can't play. Even if you don't make BS.Player your default option, which you probably should, it's a good idea to keep around in case you come across the occasional unplayable video or audio file.


  • Multiple Format Support
  • Subtitle Compatibility
  • Interchangeable UI Skin
  • Easy Peripheral Utility


  • Unappealing Default UI Skin
  • Lacks Documentation

BSPlayer is a fully featured media player that can be used to playback video or audio files. The player installs easily and can be automatically associated with supported file formats. BSPlayer supports most major file formats and can connect to streaming sources online as well. The player has several interesting features and a few drawbacks.

Convenient Control Options

BSPlayer has both mouse and keyboard controls for convenient playback. The mouse can be used with traditional menus in the interface. There are also keyboard shortcuts that make it easy to swap playback modes, stop the video and switch to full screen. Users can control playback by setting custom chapters or other markers so it is easy to skip through media files without the click of a button.

Support for Many Formats and Codecs

BSPlayer supports all of the most common video and audio formats in use today. This includes modern DVD encoding. The application will automatically find and download any codecs that are needed for playback. This makes it unnecessary to micromanage the codecs on a system between sessions.

Customizable Appearance

Like many media players today, the appearance of BSPlayer can be customized in several ways. This is done through a skinning system. Users can download premade skins that improve the appearance of the program. Skins are available showcasing sports teams, pop culture icons and abstract patterns.

Streaming TV and Radio Options

BSPlayer has integrated functionality for live streaming media. The player can connect to streaming Internet radio stations. It even includes a listing of stations after installation. It can connect to streaming online TV stations as well, although these must be added manually to the player. The pro version of the player can buffer streaming audio and video for smoother playback.

Initial Interface Is Small

A drawback is that the default interface for BSPlayer is small and hard to read. It initially appears as a small rectangle. The buttons and options are only a few pixels across, making them difficult to click. There is no way to resize the default interface.

Video Capture and Recording Features

BSPlayer includes several video capture and recording features. The program can capture screen shots of a video while it is playing. It can also capture video clips of whatever is being played and save them to a separate file for viewing later. The pro version of the software allows video capture and saving of streaming audio and video from nearly any source including popular online websites.

No Instructions Included

A major drawback is that there are no instructions or manual included with BSPlayer. There is not even a help option on the main menu. Although most of the features are self-explanatory, some are not. It will take some trial and error to discover and customize all of the different features the player offers to get the best playback possible.


- Supports many different codecs and file formats

- Customizable Interface

- Convenient playback controls

- Capture and save audio and video


- Default interface is awkward and small

- No help or instructions

- Free version uses a video watermark

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